Voices of the future

A survey for students

One of Creative Belgium’s missions is to discover new talent and make sure that the talent of tomorrow finds its way to our industry and wants to stay. That’s why - in parallel to the baseline measurement Voices of our Industry in the professional sphere– we launched a student survey to understand attitudes of millennials towards careers in the communication industry. We share these insights in order to help prepare our industry to become future proof.

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Who | Future plans | Future work environment | What’s next?

211 Belgian students and graduates completed the survey.

Most respondents were studying communication or advertising.

What best describes your current line of studies or obtained degree?
Communication 47%
Advertising 32%
Design 8%
Other 13%
The majority of respondents were female.

1% preferred not to answer

The majority were under 24 and 92% were White European. 12% were neurodiverse, 2% had a disability and 14% were LGBT+.

18-20 46%
21-21 42%
24-26 11%
27+ 1%
Mother tongue
Dutch 67%
French 25%
Other 8%

Who | Future plans | Future work environment | What’s next?

The ad industry is appealing to millennials. Three quarters are interested in pursuing a career in the industry.

Advertising is everywhere and inevitable. The sector becomes more challenging and therefore more interesting.

– Female, 21-23, Portugese
How interested are you in working in each of these industries?
Media 77%
Advertising 75%
Graphic Design 69%
Design 68%
Brand activation & Events 68%
Digital 62%
Audiovisual 61%
Content Marketing 59%
Visual Arts 51%
PR 40%
Gaming 23%

University courses have stimulated interest in the industry.

Since I started my studies, my interest in advertising has grown. I am convinced that our generation can add value within the advertising sector.

– Female, 24-26, Dutch

Who | Future plans | Future work environment | What’s next?

Which factors are most important to you when it comes to a job?
Feeling valued 68%
Salary 65%
Growth opportunitiues / Career progression 58%
Work / Life balance 50%

The industry is considered to offer many different opportunities and a variety of work.

There is a desire to work for companies who have inspirational values; young people want to create content that reaches out and touches people.

To think creatively about how society can be influenced in new ways through advertising.

– Male, 21-23

I prefer to work on fair and social impact projects that can make a difference.

– Female, 18-20

There are concerns about the levels of pressure in the industry.

It is a competitive world with a lot of stress and little certainty. That would stop me personally.

– Female, 21-23

Who | Future plans | Future work environment | What’s next?

Now that we have the data, we are ready to look forward. To shape what’s next together and welcome the future for us, our creative industries and you, our most valuable human capital.

More detailed results of our baseline measurement and some first solutions and action points can be found in a detailed report. We hope the insights will have a profound impact on our creative leaders and CEO’s. It’s a great time to start preparing agency life for the future with a strong and genuine understanding of what’s happening now.

Our first leadership conference CREATIVE VOICES: Inspiring change through Creative Leadership will bring some answers on March, 5th. Check out the line-up of keynotes and personal talks from international creative leaders in our industry on the website.

In 2020 Creative Belgium will also organize trainings on the following topics: boost leadership for future stars, welcome back returners and how to combat unconscious bias in the workplace. Please send us an email if you are interested in one of these trainings.

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